No.7 of Process flow


Understanding the Namdeb Diamond Journey


The concentration process of the ore consists of crushing, screening, scrubbing and dense-medium separation.

Two processes take place at this stage of the process flow;

Ore processing in a Plant consists of :

  1. Liberation : Particle size reduction (crushing), de-agglomeration of agglomerated particles (Scrubbing) and Classification based on size through screen stratification to achieve different product size fractions.
  2. Separation : The mineral’s density and luminescent property is exploited through the dense-medium separation (DMS) , before the concentrate is processed through the x-ray technology to separate the diamond bearing concentrate from the waste which is non-diamond bearing gravel.
  3. Hand sorting : final concentrate cleaning stage to remove the remaining waste from the concentrate.The concentrated diamond rich material is then transported to the Red Area Complex for final recovery through x-ray luminescence technology and sorting of diamonds.

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