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Dimond Sorting

Dimond Sorting

Concentrated diamond rich materials are introduced into the Red Area Complex (RAC) by means of concentrate transfer silos or dumper trucks from the various sources.  Source treatment is conducted in discreet batches per source in order to provide sufficient carat information for reconciliation of the mining areas.

As part of sorting, material is sized into three distinct product fractions: Fines (-4+2mm); Middles (-8+4mm); and Coarse (-32+8mm) with an Ultra-coarse stream (-75+32mm).  An ultra-fines stream and an oversize fraction are also produced in this process. The sized fractions are then stored before processing through primary and secondary wet X-ray machines.

The Red Area Complex produces both coarse and fines residue and the concentrate is sorted and prepared in a stand-alone Diamond Preparation glovebox, prior to storage in a dedicated operating / export safe. The final product is then exported for sales to sightholders.

The Diamond preparation process incorporates a full audit trail of diamonds and controls within this area need to be strictly adhered to.

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