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Understanding the Namdeb Diamond Journey


Once an area has been opened for mining through accretion, exploration work commences to determine the availability of resources in the area. Exploration effort at Namdeb is divided into an “On-mine” work stream and an ‘Off-mine’ work stream. The “On-mine exploration” focuses on resource performance analysis within the strategic business plan, while the “Off-mine exploration” focusses on developing potential within the deposit.

The Sonic drill is amongst some of the tools used in SCM exploration. Accretion remains a pivotal process that enables the exploration team to access virgin areas. Making use of its high frequency vibrations, the sonic drill penetrates into the accreted ground and recovers core until termination into a bedrock/fluvial footwall. Geological information is obtained from this core and feeds into the geological model and delineation of the ore body.

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