OMDis Agency: Empowering Oranjemund to thrive

A Q&A with OMDis Town Transform Agency general manager, Tony Bessinger.

Namdeb Diamond Corporation established the OMDis Town Transform Agency, a special purpose vehicle designed to diversify the economy of Oranjemund, thereby enhancing the socioeconomic development of the town.The picturesque town of Oranjemund is a glittering oasis in the Namib sands next to the mouth of mighty Orange River. Without a diversified economy and reduced reliance on the mine, this beautiful town may face the ghostly fate of not-too-distant Kolmanskop. Tony Bessinger, OMDis general Manager notes that the transformation of Oranjemund centres around normalizing a once privately owned, closed and isolated town and changing it into a place where the community can thrive.

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