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Namdeb contributes approximately N$80million annually to the upliftment of the communities it operates in. This amount includes bursaries, sponsorships, environment funding, Namdeb Private Hospital, wellness, Oranjemund Town Maintenance and the Oranjemund Private School.

Oranjemund Private School

Namdeb produces Human Gems

Namdeb is the sole owner of Oranjemund Private School (OPS) which makes up a separate department in the company. All 49 teachers at the school are permanent employees of Namdeb.

OPS is the only school in Oranjemund. It offer both primary and secondary education to approximately 793 learners of which 229 are at the secondary education level. OPS follows the Namibian national Broad Curriculum and is registered as a Private School within the Karas Region.

The first phase of the high school was established in 2009 when the company added grade 8 to the existing primary school. Since then, the school has added a grade every year. Prior to the expansion of the school learners were forced to leave their home towns to go to schools in either other parts of Namibia and South Africa. This experience was traumatic , emotionally and physically draining for both learners and their parents.

The school offers Design and Technology with a very strong practical and theoretical (Drawing) component. Additional mathematics is available to learners who wish to follow a career in Engineering, or any of the Science disciplines. Music as a subject is an additional subject for both primary and secondary school learners with both practical and Music Theory examinations offered through UNISA. All learners in the lower and senior primary phase are exposed to computer literacy, Art and Music on a weekly basis. Computer Studies is offered as a subject up to Grade 10 level with full internet access facilities for each computer station.

A Bridging class is available for new learners who experience English language or numeracy difficulties in the primary school phase. Opportunity class facility is also available for learners who are academically challenged, together with remedial education offered to learners in the primary phase. 'Motorical' exercises for learners who are physically challenged are provided for lower primary learners in the afternoons.

The school prides itself with a fully functional library with more than 15 000 books catering for reading ages pre-school to grade 12 and research books for all school subjects. Internet access for research purposes is available in the library for learners.

Learners from Grade 3 to senior secondary level participate in the school's internal Science Fair project annually. For the past four years, OPS has won the national Science Fair award in Windhoek as best Science school in Namibia, either at primary or secondary level.

Even though the school finds itself very isolated from other schools at the regional and at national level, they participate in most major sport codes at regional and national level. Sport and educational tours are organized for learners to major sporting centres in either Namibia or South Africa on an annual basis.

The school boasts with a heated indoor swimming pool which is used on a daily basis. Learners from Grade 1 to Grade 3 are given special swimming classes during the day and each learner from Grade 4 onwards is expected to be able to swim.

Chess is offered in the afternoons, with debating and oratory competition opportunities. An environmental club sees to the needs of learners who wish to get involved in environmental matters and a newly founded group who are working with Radio Oranjemund as programme compilers, journalists and announcers.

The school has devised its own disciplinary code of conduct for all learners which assist us in maintaining good discipline amongst learners in a learning environment conducive for educational excellence.

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