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Namdeb has over the years successfully ensured that the country’s most inaccessible diamond resources have turned into wealth that touches the lives of all Namibians.

Namdeb’s mining operations are based in the south of Namibia. As such a substantial emphasis has been placed on providing support for communities in within the Karas region.

The town of Oranjemund, located in the Karas region, was established in 1936 to support the mining activities of Namdeb. In March 2012, Oranjemund was proclaimed as a town and whilst the Town Council is in an establishment phase, Namdeb continues to ensure sustainability through the continuation of rendering municipal services and maintaining the infrastructure of Oranjemund town. These services include funding a fully functional Namdeb Hospital and the Oranjemund Private School (OPS) which render services to employees as well as to the Oranjemund community. Furthermore, Namdeb also assists the OPS scholars who cannot afford to pay for school fees through the Oranjemund Private School Educational Assistance Scheme (OPSEAS).

Other significant projects supported in the Karas region include the renovation of the Ontanda building (Lüderitz),!Gôaron (Bethanie and Karasburg), Meekulu (Lüderitz), provision of science kits for schools and financial support towards the training of science teachers.

Through its shining commitments, Namdeb has benefited various institutions and projects across the country through investments in the sectors of Education, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) development, Health and Welfare, Sports, Science, Heritage and Tourism, and Nature Conservation.

Some of these entities which have received financial assistance from Namdeb, include Women’s Action for Development (WAD), Namibia Sports Commission,  Evaflo Investment cc, Okovikenga Printing Works cc, Concordia College in Windhoek, Nossob Primary School Library in Witvlei, Omungholyo Combined School the Valombola Vocational Training Centre, NIMT satellite centre in Keetmanshoop, Oshakati Intermediate Hospital, Ileni Tulikwafeni in Okahandja and Theresia’s Orphan & Vulnerable Children’s Home in Rundu.  From an environmental perspective, organizations such as the Brown Hyena Research Project and the Children in the Wilderness programme have also benefited.

Namdeb’s mission is to produce diamonds profitably, sustainably and responsibly for the benefit of shareholders and all stakeholders, whilst making a lasting contribution to Namibia. Therefore the unique biodiversity and archeological/heritage found within Namdeb’s mining licence areas, has resulted in the pioneering of a comprehensive rehabilitation programme which retrospectively addresses the legacy of more than 100 years of mining in the Sperrgebiet.  Through aggressive stakeholder engagement, rehabilitation plans have been compiled for various zones in the Sperrgebiet with the aim of delivering further value for the future land-use of the area, i.e. conservation and tourism.

Namdeb’s tertiary educational schemes, in particular the bursary and the tertiary educational grant schemes have played a pivotal role in developing human capital not only for the company but for the nation at large. The contribution to national skills development is evidenced by the number of Namdeb-trained senior executives employed in various key sectors of the Namibian economy. Either than bursaries, Namdeb has over the years provided other forms of educational assistance such as Vocational Training, Learnership Development Programmes and Self-Study for employees.

With the focus to sustain mining operations to 2050 and beyond, Namdeb remains committed to being the pride of Namibia’s Mining. As such the organization has embarked upon   a learning journey, promoting knowledge related to sustainability principles. Through this acquired knowledge, there will be a better understanding of Namdeb’s future impacts within the communities it operates in. This will also assist in ensuring the balancing of aspects which will drive the achievement of the triple bottom line.

The way forward for Namdeb is to continue exploring avenues where it can create a more sustainable impact in support of Namibia’s Fourth National Development Plan (NDP4) which paves the way towards achieving the Vision 2030 goals.


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Our Vision

The pride of Namibia's Mining – to 2050 and beyond.

Our Mission

We produce diamonds profitably, sustainably and responsibly to the benefit of our shareholders and other stakeholders whilst making a lasting contribution to Namibia.

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Safety + Teamwork + Accountability + Respect = STAR

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