SME Development

The Namdeb Foundation provides support towards funding SMEs in the form of advisory services and training. The SME funding model has also been revised and the Namdeb Foundation will concentrate in future more on assisting small businesses financially that could form part of Namdeb’s supply chain.

SMEs contribute towards job creation and the Namdeb Foundation is proud to be associated with organisations such as Evaflo Investments CC and Okovikenga Printing Works CC which have flourished as businesses. Through the participation of all Namibians in job creating, Vision 2030 goal will be reached.

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Our Vision

The pride of Namibia's Mining – to 2050 and beyond.

Our Mission

We produce diamonds profitably, sustainably and responsibly to the benefit of our shareholders and other stakeholders whilst making a lasting contribution to Namibia.

Our Values

Safety + Teamwork + Accountability + Respect = STAR

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