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Namdeb Diamond Corporation (Pty) Ltd (Namdeb) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Namdeb Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Namdeb operates an alluvial diamond mining operation on the west coast of Namibia and is jointly owned by the Government of the Republic of Namibia and De Beers. Operations consist of prospecting, large scale placer mining and small scale mining by independent operators within the Holding Company’s Mining Licence and Exclusive Prospecting Licence areas.

Namdeb, in recognizing its responsibility for the protection of the environment, is committed to sound environmental management by designating the environment as a high corporate and operational priority to be integrated into the company's business activities.

  • Fulfill our compliance obligations to stakeholders, legal and other requirements of environmental aspects that the company subscribes to.
  • Commit to continual environmental improvement by undertaking regular environmental risk and compliance audits, and by implementing environmental management programmes with the aim to enhance environmental performance.
  • Perform the environmental impact assessment process including aspect management and risk reduction on all operations by following the mitigation hierarchy of avoidance, minimizing and mitigating potential impacts.
  • Set and review objectives and targets of environmental aspects for sound environmental management within the framework of an ISO 14001 standard Environmental Management System
  • Monitor, measure and report on the use of critical materials, energy, water and the environmental impacts of emissions, effluent, waste, goods and services to conserve natural resources.
  • Improve efficiency of processes and where feasible adopt appropriate technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions whilst also participating in national and local climate change initiatives.
  • Prevent pollution by undertaking the necessary precautionary measures, and remediate appropriately.
  • Implement rehabilitation programs during mining operations and make provision for mine closure.
  • Aim to have no net loss of significant biodiversity, and actively support and continue with biodiversity research and conservation initiatives in its licence areas.
  • Consult with regulatory agencies, employee representatives, contractors, suppliers and local communities on critical environmental … matters of mutual concern.
  • Allocate resources to promote and give effect to this policy.
  • Provide environmental training and awareness for all employees and contractors.
  • Assist where possible with environmental research and sustainable development initiatives within mining licence areas.
  • Report on environmental performance publicly and providing assurance on due diligence to shareholders.

*This policy is available to the public on the company’s internet and on request.

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